Driven by Raw Fear, I Ran
The Holocaust Resource Center of Temple Judea

Steve Zehentner: Direction, Edit, 2nd Camera

“Driven by Raw Fear, I Ran” with artist Janet Lust Ganes and Holocaust survivor Ethel Bauer Katz.

The mission of the Holocaust Resource Center is to educate young and old on the evils of prejudice, to teach the lessons of the Holocaust and to combat ignorance, hatred and violence. The Center provides: Lectures by historians, scholars and educators; Testimony by Holocaust survivors; Permanent historical exhibits; Changing contemporary art exhibits; Student art workshops; Speakers for schools, civic and religious groups; Teacher training programs for all levels.  
Holocaust Resource Center 

Produced by Irving Roth and Steve Zehentner
Direction, Edit, Second Camera:  Steve Zehentner
Director of Photography: Roger Grange
Art Direction: Marina Ruiz Molina 
Production Assistants: Meera Al Sayegh, Jeanne Lau
Sound: Matt Daniels