Mila 18
A work-in-progress film for The Memorial Library

Steve Zehentner:  Direction, Edit, 2nd Camera and Producer in collaboration with Mark Berez and David Field of The Memorial Library and Jennifer Lemberg and Sondra Perl of the Holocaust Educators Network.  Director of Photography: Roger Grange

Since 2006, teachers from across America have traveled to New York City to study Holocaust education at the Memorial Library, an organization that seeks to connect the Holocaust to current issues of social injustice.

Recently the Memorial Library took a group of 19 teachers, who hail from diverse schools and different faith traditions, on a journey where they walked the land of the extermination camps in Poland and touched the face of history and hope that is Israel.

The teachers returned to their classrooms inspired to create action projects with their students that investigate local issues such as racism, homophobia, bullying, etc. With the intention of creating of full documentary, further production is planned to document the teacher’s social justice classroom work and their community projects.

Over 55 hours of video material was obtained on the trip to Poland and Israel. "Mila 18", is one of a group of films that were produced as work-in-progress studies in order to investigate the ideas and sentiments from the trip and lay the ground work for fundraising and further production.

The Library extends its reach by offering mini-grants to teachers and by supporting Satellite Seminars in the home states of educators in its expanding network.