The Sunflower Project
Questioning the Limits of Forgiveness

Steve Zehentner:  Script, Direction, Edit, 2nd Camera and Producer
in collaboration with The Memorial Library and Jennifer Lemberg
and Sondra Perl of the Holocaust Educators Network

Inspired by her participation in New York's Memorial Library summer seminar, Diane Williams returns to her classroom in Boise, Idaho and along with her middle school students develops the Sunflower Project. Collaborating with the Idaho Human Rights Education Center and Boise artist Ward Hooper, they create a public art mural that explores the limits of forgiveness.  The Sunflower Project was broadcast on Idaho Public Television.

The Memorial Library, founded by Auschwitz survivor Olga Lengyel, seeks to bring the lessons of the Holocaust into today‚Äôs world. In collaboration with Dr. Sondra Perl and the Holocaust Educators Network, the Library conducts summer seminars for teachers from across the United States with the goal of fostering an agenda for social justice in their classrooms and communities.