The Color Line: Racism in America


A ten minute meditation on identity and racism in America. Specifically designed for educational use, The Color Line brings to the classroom, a wide variety of language and emotion that is presented in an open-ended way designed to initiate and stimulate dialogue.

“The Color Line: Racism In America, investigates racism through the testimony of a variety of individuals who negotiate ethnographic and multicultural terminology to show that race is as much about economics as it is about personal value and identity. The film compiles interviews gathered from people living in different neighborhoods of New York City. People on the street responded to two questions posed by the filmmaker: 1) What is the cause of racism in America?, and 2) How would you identify yourself? The tape serves as a testament to the complexities of race and racism by allowing the opinions of a diverse group of individuals to be heard in an open-ended presentation.” - Free Speech TV     The Color Line has been screened at universities, museums, libraries, public television stations and the New York Film Festival.